What Part of "Any" Don't You Understand?

Telling an officer that the reason you are driving bad is NOT because you're drunk, but because you're on medication, is just as helpful as telling the officer that you're drunk.

Don’t eat your weed

"Studio" version can be downloaded here. "Studio" is in quotes for a reason.

Edible Marijuana Products in Texas Carry VERY Severe Penalties!

This is not an anti-drug campaign. It is not a pro-drug campaign. It is an educational campaign. Do what you're going to do, but be aware of the legal consequences.

Pot Brownies Are Punished Like Murder In Texas

Five minutes of free legal advice on why marijuana edibles are incredibly dangerous to possess in Texas. This needs to be changed, but until it is, be safe out there.


You do have the right to remain silent.

Medical Malpractice Cases Died in Texas in 2003

A happy sounding song about the disastrous consequences of "Tort Reform" in Texas. Every case is frivolous until you're the Plaintiff. 

Texas Lawyers Singing Some Holiday Advice

We are lawyers who sing silly songs about the law sometimes. This one doesn't have a lot of deep legal insights. We wanted to have some fun. Happy Kwanzhanukkahmas.

March 2016 Commercial

Our newest guerrilla marketing effort, recorded in front of the McLennan County Courthouse.

What the hail is going on?

Your insurance adjuster does NOT have the last word. If your roof was damaged (and any other kind of damage to your home) and your insurance company tries to tell you it's not covered -- you need to call us. 

Please Shut Up!

Will Hutson and Chris Harris give some advice on what to do when things go wrong.