Mediation Services

Chris Harris is a Certified Mediator in the State of Texas. Most people end up in legal disputes because of some kind of breakdown in communication. When parties are unable to resolve their disputes, a Mediator can be a very effective alternative to litigation. Mediators assist with the negotiation of disputes. A mediator acts as a neutral third party who assists the disputing parties with the negotiation of an agreement or agreements. Mediation is useful both before and after a lawsuit is filed. Many times, people just get stuck – they get lawyers who represent their sides, and that can sometimes make the dispute even worse. A mediator is not your lawyer – a mediator is not an advocate for a single party. Rather, a mediator is an advocate for a solution that allows all disputes to be resolved on your own terms.


Chris has spent decades as an advocate in the Texas Court System as a lawyer, and he has been involved (as an attorney) in hundreds of mediations. He has seen good mediators and bad mediators, and this wealth of experience has helped make Chris a very effective mediator. Chris obtained official certification in 2017, but the certification is not what makes a Mediator effective; rather, it is a mediator’s ability to look beyond “bottom lines” and personalities and to think creatively to help the parties find solutions they may not have previously considered.

Chris has spent both his professional and personal life in the pursuit of creativity, whether it be in music or in motions for summary judgment. Trust is an essential ingredient in negotiations, and you can trust Chris to treat your dispute with confidentiality and neutrality. As a mediator, his goal is get you past your differences and into your future.