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A CPS investigation of you, your home, and your family by a caseworker means that someone has made a complaint against you alleging child abuse or neglect. These reports can come from anyone and are kept anonymous so that you will not know who made them. Child abuse allegations could mean anything from physically or emotionally injuring your child to allowing others to do so, allowing your child to be abused sexually or exposed to illegal drugs.

Child neglect can refer to failing to provide your child with:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • Other basic daily needs
  • As well as leaving your child in a situation the puts him or her at risk

It is up to the CPS to prove that abuse or neglect has occurred or will likely occur in the future to get a court order that will allow them to remove your child from your care. If you have been alerted by the CPS that you are under investigation, you need to know your rights and options.

CPS caseworkers can be intimidating and even bullying to parents who believe that full cooperation is their only option. At Hutson & Harris, our Waco CPS investigation attorneys can give you the advice and guidance you need to fight back against CPS intimidation or threatening behavior. We can help you defend yourself with appropriate evidence aimed at having their case against you dismissed.

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CPS Investigations in Texas

The first thing to remember in any CPS investigation of alleged child abuse or neglect is that this agency cannot remove your child without first obtaining a court order. If you have been falsely accused, you need to understand that ways exist in which you can fight back and retain custody of your child.

A CPS investigation will begin with a caseworker sent to your home to begin scrutinizing you and the home environment. They will generally want to get inside your home to inspect it and will be aggressive about being allowed to enter. Investigations will include interviewing you, your child, family members, neighbors, teachers, and anyone else they believe will have information about the alleged abuse or neglect.

This can involve:

  • Taking pictures of your home and your child
  • Having your child medically or psychologically examined for injuries or negative physical or mental health conditions
  • And more

After the investigation, which should take place within 30 days, the CPS will make a ruling on each allegation of which you are accused.

Possible rulings can include:

  • “Reason to believe.” This means that more evidence than not points to the fact that abuse or neglect took place.
  • Ruled out. This means that, based on the information obtained, abuse or neglect has likely not occurred.
  • Unable to complete. This means that CPS was not able to complete their investigation for one reason or another.
  • Unable to determine. This means that none of the above rulings can be made.
  • Administrative closure. This means that intervention by the CPS is not warranted and the case is closed.

If your child(ren) are removed from your home, the court will conduct an adversary hearing in which the final outcome will be determined.

How to Get Your CPS Case Dismissed

The best way to fight a CPS investigation is by having it dismissed. This can be done with countermeasures, such as providing strong evidence that disproves the claims against you. This can be accomplished by providing the names and reports from trusted individuals who can confirm your positive care of your child.

If your child has been hurt or injured, supply reports from doctors, neighbors, or others who can back up your explanation of how your child was injured or provide information about your child’s medical condition.

Hutson & Harris Is Here to Help

CPS is generally not on your side. Their agents may not treat you fairly and may try to take advantage of you. Having a reputable attorney in your corner during this intimidating process can make all the difference in the outcome. At our firm, your problems become our problems and we will do everything possible to help you retain your parental rights and your child’s best interests.

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