Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Attorneys In Waco, TX

Will Hutson


Will is multi-talented. In addition to being an attorney, he is also a licensed nurse, a professor and a judge. 

Chris Harris


Chris has made a career out of effective communication and problem-solving. In addition to being an attorney, he is also a Certified Texas Mediator. 

Dan Stokes


Dan has a strong background in science in addition to well-honed trial skills. If you've been accused of a crime, you want him in your corner. 

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We're more than just the guys who make viral music videos.

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We will treat you like a human being, not a case file

You’re a person, not an ATM. Too many attorneys treat their clients that way, but not us.

We will fight to get you the best possible deal

There are few things in the legal system that cannot be resolved through effective, aggressive negotiation backed up by trial skills. 

We will work to change your opinion about lawyers

It’s unfortunate that so many people view lawyers as a necessary evil. You should like and trust your lawyer. 

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There's A Reason Our Clients Keep Coming Back

At Hutson & Harris, Quality is never sacrificed

The most important quality to have in an attorney is that they actually care about your case. 

At Hutson & Harris, we love what we do and we have fun doing it. We don’t get jaded by the legal process and therefore don’t miss little details that other attorneys might.

We are not afraid to give you the entire picture of your case upfront so that you always know where you stand. In a criminal case, there is no reason to hide your options from you and we never will.

When it comes to personal injury, one of the most valuable assets is knowing how the insurance companies defend themselves.

If for some reason we can’t figure a situation out on our own, then saying, “Oh well...” is simply not an option. We will find the knowledge and put it to work for you.

We are wholly dedicated to giving you the highest quality of legal representation possible. Not every case is a winner, but the better your lawyer is, the better your outcome will be. 

Areas We Serve

Serving The State of Texas picture of the state of Texas

Defending Criminal Cases in Central Texas & Personal Injury Cases Throughout the State

Waco, TX

We are based in Waco, just between Dallas and Austin. If you need us, that’s where we’ll usually be.

Dallas, TX

Dallas is just a short trip away and is one of the northernmost areas that we serve.

Austin, TX

We serve any and all clients in the capital city of Texas, as well as the other cities that dot I-35.

San Antonio, TX

Way down south on I-35 is San Antonio, the other parameter of our areas of service.

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Although the majority of my small town practice is certainly not constitutional law, every once in awhile I run across an interesting issue (or I buy a new camera) and feel it necessary to thrill the world with my newfound knowledge. So today, I am writing about photography.

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